Evaluate Dynamic Formulas in Apex


Imagine a scenario where you need to check complex conditions on an SObject record and don’t want to or can’t create a formula field on the object? Dynamic formula evaluation solves your problem. This capability was added in Summer 24. Let’s see an example: FormulaEval.FormulaInstance isPrimeCustomer = Formula.builder() .withType(Account.SObjectType) .withReturnType(FormulaEval.FormulaReturnType.BOOLEAN) .withFormula(‘AnnualRevenue > 30000 AND ISPICKVAL(Industry, … Read more

Set Conditional Visibility for Individual Tabs in Lightning App Builder


After the Summer ’24 release, Salesforce will allow administrators to set component visibility for tabs, which was not possible before. Tab visibility is similar to component visibility in that it allows administrators to control the display of individual tabs on a Lightning page based on specific criteria or conditions. This feature enhances the customization and dynamic nature … Read more

“Manage Dev Sandboxes” permission in Salesforce


The “Manage Dev Sandboxes” permission (as part of Summer 24) in Salesforce is a specific user permission that grants the ability to create, refresh, delete, and activate development sandboxes within an organization. This permission is part of the broader sandbox management capabilities in Salesforce, and it offers several advantages and new possibilities compared to the … Read more

Automating user access via User Access Policies in Salesforce

User Access Policies in Salesforce

User Access Policies are a feature in Salesforce that provides a flexible and centralized way to manage user access and permissions across the organization. This feature allows administrators to define and enforce access controls based on various criteria, ensuring that users have appropriate permissions according to their roles, departments, and specific use cases. User access … Read more