Using Einstein AI to create flows

As part of Summer 24 release, Salesforce is releasing a capability that would allow the creation of flows using text prompts. Imagine creating a flow with textual prompts such as “Create a flow that starts when an opportunity is created and is over $20,000. The flow should send an email to the opportunity owner telling them that they have a new large opportunity.” From the textual description you provide, Einstein creates a draft screen, record-triggered, schedule-triggered, or autolaunched flow to get you started.

This capability is accessible via:

  • All Einstein 1 Editions
  • Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions with the Einstein for Sales, Einstein for Service, or Einstein for Platform add-on.
  • Einstein generative AI is available in Lightning Experience.


From the Flows section in Setup, click New Flow, or from the Automation Lightning app, click New. Select Let Einstein Help You Build (1) and then click Next:

Write instructions from scratch (2), or get started with sample instructions (3).

Be sure to debug and test the flow before activating. To get increasingly better flows from Einstein, share your feedback in the Einstein window by hovering over the Einstein message and selecting thumbs up or thumbs down (4). If the flow doesn’t meet your needs, start over in a new window (5).


In order to get started with this, please follow the instructions at the following link:
Set Up Einstein Generative AI (


I am curious to try additional prompts and see the outcomes. This capability is truly an exciting one and can bring value to admins and developers alike.


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