What is Salesforce MuleSoft?


MuleSoft, now a part of Salesforce, is a leading integration platform for connecting SaaS and enterprise applications in the cloud and on-premises. Designed to facilitate the easy integration of diverse systems, regardless of the different technologies they use, MuleSoft stands out for its robust API-led approach to connectivity. This technical article delves into the intricacies … Read more

Git and Salesforce: A Getting Started Guide for Development

Git and Salesforce

Integrating Git with Salesforce is a powerful way to manage and version control your Salesforce development projects. Git allows teams to track changes, collaborate efficiently, and maintain a history of project evolution. This guide is designed for those new to version control, walking you through the process of setting up and using Git with Salesforce … Read more

Essential software and tools needed to become a successful Salesforce developer

Salesforce Tools

Salesforce development is a multifaceted field that combines knowledge of Salesforce’s CRM platform with programming skills to customize and extend the capabilities of the platform to meet the specific needs of businesses. Below is a tutorial that outlines the essential software and tools needed to become a successful Salesforce developer. 1. Salesforce Platform: Before diving … Read more

Salesforce Inspector: A brief overview

Salesforce Inspector

Salesforce Inspector is a widely used Chrome extension that offers various functionalities to improve the efficiency and productivity of Salesforce administrators, developers, and consultants. It allows easy access to data and metadata, provides tools for data export and import, and more. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to the key features of Salesforce Inspector. … Read more