Salesforce Screen Flow vs. OmniScript – What’s the Difference?


Let’s dive into a detailed comparison of Salesforce Screen Flow and OmniScript, showcasing their use cases with concrete examples to clarify when to use one over the other. Now please note that I posted a previous comparison Here, I really wanted to elaborate a bit further and add some real-World use cases to better get … Read more

Salesforce Flow Orchestration Tutorial for Beginners


Salesforce Flow Orchestration is a tool that allows you to automate complex business processes involving multiple steps and approvals. It’s useful for managing long-running processes that require human intervention and coordination across different departments. Step-by-Step Tutorial on Salesforce Flow Orchestration Step 1: Enable Flow Orchestration To start using Flow Orchestration, you need to ensure it … Read more

Salesforce Screen Flow vs. OmniScript – Best Practices & Usage Scenarios

Salesforce Screen flow vs. Omniscript

Salesforce Screen Flows and OmniScripts are both powerful tools used within the Salesforce ecosystem to create guided, interactive processes that enhance user experience and streamline complex workflows. Despite serving similar purposes, they originate from different parts of the Salesforce platform, with Screen Flows being a core Salesforce feature and OmniScripts part of the OmniStudio toolkit … Read more