Enhancing Performance and Scalability using ApexGuru


ApexGuru is an innovative feature within Salesforce’s Scale Center designed to enhance the performance and scalability of Apex code, a key component of Salesforce applications. ApexGuru automates the detection of critical anti-patterns and performance hotspots in Apex code and provides AI-driven insights and prescriptive code recommendations to improve code quality and application performance. Features and … Read more

Why Using Outdated API Versions is a Bad Idea

Salesforce API Versions

A key aspect of Salesforce’s infrastructure is its use of API (Application Programming Interface) versions to manage and access its features and services. While Salesforce regularly updates its API versions to introduce new features, improve performance, and enhance security, it also maintains backward compatibility for a number of previous versions. However, relying on outdated API … Read more

Data Skew and how it is impacting the performance of your Salesforce instance

Salesforce Data Skew

Data skew in Salesforce refers to an uneven distribution of records across the database, particularly when a large number of records are associated with a single record in another table, or a small number of users. This imbalance can lead to various performance issues, especially when the skewed data involves standard Salesforce objects like Accounts, … Read more

Salesforce Platform Cache Use Cases & Best Practices

Salesforce Platform Cache

Salesforce Platform Cache is a powerful feature provided by Salesforce that allows developers to store and manage reusable data across multiple transactions and sessions. It is essentially a layer of fast, temporary storage that helps improve the performance and scalability of Salesforce applications by reducing the need to repeatedly access the database for the same … Read more

Row Lock Prevention in Salesforce Apex

Row Locks in Salesforce Apex

Preventing row locks in Salesforce Apex, especially during batch processing, is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and reliability of your applications. Here are some strategies and best practices to consider: Use the ‘FOR UPDATE’ SOQL Query: When you execute a SOQL query with the ‘FOR UPDATE’ keyword, Salesforce locks the records that are returned by … Read more

Platform Cache in Salesforce

Platform Cache

Platform Cache in Salesforce is a powerful feature designed to improve the performance of your Salesforce applications. It allows you to store and retrieve data that’s used frequently across your org, reducing the number of queries to the database and speeding up data access. Here’s a detailed tutorial on how to use Platform Cache in … Read more