Evaluate Dynamic Formulas in Apex

Imagine a scenario where you need to check complex conditions on an SObject record and don’t want to or can’t create a formula field on the object? Dynamic formula evaluation solves your problem. This capability was added in Summer 24. Let’s see an example:

FormulaEval.FormulaInstance isPrimeCustomer = Formula.builder()
   .withFormula('AnnualRevenue > 30000 AND ISPICKVAL(Industry, "retail") AND Prime_Customer__c = TRUE');

Account acc1 = new Account(
   Name = 'Test Dynamic Formula Account',
   AnnualRevenue = 40000,
   Industry = 'Retail',
   Prime_Customer__c = true

isPrimeCustomer.evaluate(acc1); // returns TRUE

Account acc2 = new Account(
   Name = 'Test Dynamic Formula Account 2',
   AnnualRevenue = 30000,
   Industry = 'Information Technology',
   Prime_Customer__c = false

isPrimeCustomer.evaluate(acc2); // returns FALSE

Account acc3 = new Account(
   Name = 'Test Dynamic Formula Account 3',
   AnnualRevenue = 10001,
   Industry = 'Chemical',
   Prime_Customer__c = true

isPrimeCustomer.evaluate(acc2); // returns FALSE


Also another example with a wrapper class:


global class Car {
   global Double lengthMeters;
   global Integer numOfSeats;
   global String name;

Car myBMW = new Car();
myBMW.lengthMeters = 5.2; 
myBMW.numOfSeats = 4;
myBMW.name = 'BMW M4';
FormulaEval.FormulaInstance isLongCar = FormulaEval.FormulaBuilder.builder()
   .withFormula('IF(lengthMeters > 5, "Long", "Short")')
isLongCar.evaluate(myBMW); // Returns "Long"

FormulaEval.FormulaInstance isPrimeCustomer = Formula.builder()
.withReturnType(FormulaEval.FormulaReturnType.BOOLEAN) .withFormula('AnnualRevenue > 15000 AND ISPICKVAL(Industry, "retail") AND Prime_Customer__c = TRUE');


As you can see, you now can evaluate dynamic formulas in Apex. One thing I can think of is freeing up some fields on objects with a large number of fields by moving some formula fields over to dynamic formulas within Apex where it makes sense to do so. Also one can fully customize a formula using Apex variables and custom settings.  Awesome stuff.

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