Salesforce Screen Flow vs. OmniScript – What’s the Difference?


Let’s dive into a detailed comparison of Salesforce Screen Flow and OmniScript, showcasing their use cases with concrete examples to clarify when to use one over the other. Now please note that I posted a previous comparison Here, I really wanted to elaborate a bit further and add some real-World use cases to better get … Read more

Set Conditional Visibility for Individual Tabs in Lightning App Builder


After the Summer ’24 release, Salesforce will allow administrators to set component visibility for tabs, which was not possible before. Tab visibility is similar to component visibility in that it allows administrators to control the display of individual tabs on a Lightning page based on specific criteria or conditions. This feature enhances the customization and dynamic nature … Read more

Salesforce Dynamic Forms Tutorial

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Forms is a feature in Salesforce that enhances the customization and flexibility of record pages. It enables admins and developers to configure record layouts to show fields and sections only when certain conditions are met. This feature is a part of Salesforce’s Lightning Experience and helps in creating more personalized and efficient user interfaces. … Read more

Visualforce versus LWC for new custom development in 2024. What should you pick?

Visualforce versus LWC

Custom development in Salesforce can be approached through two primary frameworks: Visualforce and Lightning Web Components (LWC). Each framework has its design philosophy, strengths, and use cases, affecting how developers choose between them for specific projects. This analysis will delve into the architectural differences, performance considerations, developer experience, and use case applicability between Visualforce and … Read more

Salesforce Screen Flow vs. OmniScript – Best Practices & Usage Scenarios

Salesforce Screen flow vs. Omniscript

Salesforce Screen Flows and OmniScripts are both powerful tools used within the Salesforce ecosystem to create guided, interactive processes that enhance user experience and streamline complex workflows. Despite serving similar purposes, they originate from different parts of the Salesforce platform, with Screen Flows being a core Salesforce feature and OmniScripts part of the OmniStudio toolkit … Read more

What are Salesforce Quick Actions?

Salesforce Quick Action

Salesforce Quick Actions are a potent tool within the Salesforce platform, designed to enhance productivity and user experience. This tutorial will guide you through the fundamentals of Quick Actions, their applications within the Salesforce UI, their benefits and drawbacks, and provide detailed examples of creating basic Quick Actions. Introduction to Salesforce Quick Actions Quick Actions … Read more

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning

There is some confusion for folks new to Salesforce about what Lightning actually is. Quite simply, it’s many things. Lightning is a family of technologies for the Salesforce Platform. Here are a couple of the big ones: Lightning Experience — The new UI for SalesForce. Lightning Design System — A CSS framework and component library for building … Read more