A solid testing and staging strategy for Salesforce Marketing Cloud in the absence of a dedicated test marketing cloud environment

SFMC Devops

In the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) ecosystem, the absence of a dedicated testing environment poses unique challenges for organizations aiming to maintain a robust, agile, and error-free marketing operation. Implementing a solid testing and staging strategy becomes crucial to ensure that new features, campaigns, and updates are deployed efficiently and effectively, without adversely affecting the … Read more

Git and Salesforce: A Getting Started Guide for Development

Git and Salesforce

Integrating Git with Salesforce is a powerful way to manage and version control your Salesforce development projects. Git allows teams to track changes, collaborate efficiently, and maintain a history of project evolution. This guide is designed for those new to version control, walking you through the process of setting up and using Git with Salesforce … Read more

Salesforce MDAPI Deployments Best Practices and Gotchas

MDAPI Deployment

Salesforce Metadata API (MDAPI) based deployments are a critical aspect of Salesforce DevOps processes. Here’s a detailed analysis, including best practices, known challenges, and ways to improve these deployments: Best Practices for MDAPI Deployments Version Control Integration: Ensure that all metadata changes are tracked using a version control system like Git. This practice aids in … Read more

Salesforce Validate-Only and Quick Deployment using SFDX CLI

Salesforce validate only deployment

Introduction In the Salesforce development cycle, there’s often a need to ensure that your changes won’t introduce any issues when deployed to a target org. Before committing to a full deployment, Salesforce allows you to do a ‘Validate-Only Deployment’. What is a Validate-Only Deployment? A validate-only deployment is where you send your changes to Salesforce, … Read more